Dr. Neely helped me live in my purpose. I walked into his office and said, “Fix me.” The only way that I would be able to work in my God-given purpose was to successfully complete a variety of athletic and calisthenic exercises. It had been nearly 10 years since I had seen a chiropractor, but I knew he had the keys to help me get better. My personal and professional lives require me to put the goals and needs of others first. It is a blessing to have someone like Dr. Neely in my corner who makes my goals a priority. Thank you!
– Breanne Hill, Certified Personal Trainer
U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman
High School Track & Field Coach
High School English Teacher

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome by my primary care doctor. He presented me with two options of having surgery, or having continued steroid shots with no guarantees. As a new patient of Dr. Neely’s we discussed other less invasive options to the prior. I decided to medical help from Dr. Neely after him seeing me in two splints for my right and left hands. Weekly I get adjusted, soft-tissue work, and practice the exercises he gives me weekly. I have not worn the splints in over two months. I will highly recommend Dr. Neely to you or anyone prior to seeking traditional medical help or surgery. It has worked very well for me.
– Andrea Carroll, Educator

I began seeing Dr. Neely for leg length discrepancy and scoliosis. Having experience with chiropractic in the past, I was very impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Neely’s assessments. Dr. Neely seems to possess a keen, intuitive, and well rounded understanding of the human body and quite easily got to the core of my movement and structural dysfunctions. My spine is now straight and my hips are level. Perhaps most impressive though, is that he listens intently and empathically. I truly believe that he wants me to get better as much as I want me to get better and this is evident in all his interactions with me.
– Joseph Baiamonte